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WB O2 sensor, cable, bung
USB communication cable
Software – TunerStudio Ultra included with custom screens
Startup tune

1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regals, Grand Nationals, & 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am
Plugs directly into the stock ECM harness and location
Integrated 4-Bar MAP sensor, and full time barometric pressure sensor
Integrated digital wideband oxygen sensor controller, sensor and bung included (Bosch 4.9)
-communicates digitally to eliminate ground offsets and inaccuracies
Peak/Hold injector drivers for low or high impedance injectors
Sequential Injection (or semi-sequential, bank to bank if desired)
Controls stock Buick ignition, newer coilpacks, or coil per plug
Datastream output compatible with existing Scanmaster devices
Bluetooth or WIFI wireless capability (WIFI standard)
CNC Billet Aluminum Case
LED Indicators on case for troubleshooting
Easy connection terminal strip built in for expansion sensors
Expansion connector for optional harness (coil per plug, etc)
Unused terminals in the stock harness are re-assigned for new input/output
Compatible with Caspers fuel/oil pressure sensor kit through EGR plug

Speed density, VE based tuning (optional blending with Alpha-N, or MAF if desired)

Wideband O2 closed loop correction

Autotune feature (live or from log files) and long term fuel correction (adaptive)

Use original knock filter (ESC), or onboard knock processor

Per cylinder fuel injector correction

Per cylinder ignition timing correction

Flex Fuel Capability

Table switching

Internal automatic datalogging with 8GB SD card (or bigger), and external logging with laptop

Onboard real time clock, logs have proper date and time

2-Step or 3-Step limiting (not with stock ignition module)

Traction control

Boost control (internal and external gates with CO2)

Nitrous control

Water/Alcohol injection control

Transbrake control

Fuel pump speed control

Many engine safety controls

Fuel pressure compensation

Built-in Optional Antitheft

Standard Inputs:

Crank (VR, Hall Effect, or Optical)

Cam (VR, Hall Effect, or Optical)





Barometric pressure (separate full time)


A/C Request

Park/Neutral switch

3rd gear and 4th gear from transmission

Oxygen sensor (built in wideband)

VSS mph (VR conditioned)

Extra Unused Inputs:

10 Analog 0-5v inputs

1 Frequency input for Flexfuel sensor (or MAF)

1 Frequency input for auxiliary VSS (VR conditioned) – for traction control

3 Digital (on/off) inputs, ground switched

Standard Outputs:

6 Peak/Hold Injectors – 4 amp

6 Ignition outputs for coil per plug, or stock ignition or aftermarket coilpack

Fuel pump output (can do PWM speed control with solid state relay)

Idle control (IAC) stepper output (operates in closed loop like stock, or open loop)

Torque converter clutch (TCC) output (controlled by MPH, gear, load, TPS)

Air conditioning clutch control (ACC) (controlled by TPS, MPH, RPM, add IAC steps)

Canister purge control (currently configured as an optional output)

Wastegate solenoid control (closed loop or open loop, MPH or gear)

Radiator Fan control (controlled by MPH, TPS, coolant temp, add IAC steps)

Tachometer output

Service engine soon light

Wideband O2 diagnostic LED on case

Extra Unused Outputs:

Many outputs are configurable as on/off or pulsewidth modulated (PWM)

4 high current outputs (5amp, on/off or PWM), ground switched

2 PWM medium current outputs (3amp, on/off or PWM), ground switched