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CRUZ Performance Holley Terminator X Turbo Buick Kit

Regular price $ 2,600.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $ 2,600.00 USD
CRUZ Performance Holley self tuning Turbo Buick ECU kit
Includes everything needed for plug and play that will be a simple startup, drive and performance ECU computer system
CRUZ Performance easy to install plug and play harness is equipped with everything needed including very clean 10 gauge power and ground wire that connect the Holley ECU direct to the battery
Replace that 30+ year old cobbled up factory harness that’s just a simple removal of the stock Computer connectors unhook main branch from firewall and simply disconnect all engine connectors and fuse bulkhead
Install will be quicker due to the fact the CRUZ Performance harness eliminates ALL fender well cobbled up relays and wiring
With CRUZ Performance plug and play kit and Holley’s backing of over 100 years in business upgrade that Turbo Buick to today’s standards of drivability
By today’s standards CRUZ Performance plug and play harness is equipped with top of the line wire, connectors and wrap
In addition all CRUZ Performance Holley harness’ are equipped with built in oil and fuel pressure sensor inputs, 6 individual LS style coil connectors which require no need for add on bundles of wiring and boards, stock location coil mount brackets with MSD Spark plug wires
Holley EFI Used by NHRA Prostock class
For daily driver to medium performance Turbo Buick will work with high impedance injectors only