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CRUZ Performance 12-1 Crank Trigger Kit

Regular price $ 650.00 USD
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CRUZ Performance 12-1 Crank Trigger Kit
Made in USA 🇺🇸
12-1 Vs the Traditional 3 reluctor of the Factory Buick Balancer Result in
Timing Calculation every 30 degrees vs 120 degrees of Stock Crank Angle
Benefits are
*More accurate Ignition Timing
*Quicker Start up
*Higher resolution
*Faster response
CRUZ Kit is made to work with
Stock Balancer
TA Balancer
BHJ Balancer
ATI Balancer
12-1 Crank Trigger kit will plug into Factory Crank Sensor Connector
CRUZ 12-1 Crank Trigger Kits include all components required to Work
✔️Custom Pulley (with magnets installed & pinned)
✔️Hall Effect Sensor
✔️Sensor Mount
✔️Mounting Hardware
✔️Detailed Instructions
✔️Tech Support
CRUZ 12-1 Kits are For Holley and Other Compatible ECU's like
*NOT For Stock ECM*
This product was installed in House and TESTED to CONFIRM Fitment and Function so CRUZ Products are Ready to Work for You!